European 6 in 1 Weave Tutorial

1. Required Tools and Materials

For this tutorial you will need:

  • rings with an aspect ratio (AR=inside diameter(ID) divided by the wire diameter) of at least 5 (best looking)
  • two pairs of pliers, depends on the size of the rings

I used 1.68 mm wire and an ID of 8.30 mm.

 2. Step by Step Process

First we shall start with the width of the bracelet (bigger=better) we want to make.

Close 6 rings and put them into one opened ring. Close the ring and arrange them similar to the picture. This is your first 6 in 1:


Pass an opened ring through the last 3 rings, add 3 more and closed it:


Repeat the step:

Notice that we have only 3 privileged rings that have 6 rings in them. We shall name them, the boss rings.

Now we shall do the length.

Go to your first 6 in 1 piece and pass an opened ring through the 4 bottom ones, going under the boss ring, from right to left:


Add two more closed rings in the opened one, so you will have 6 in 1. Close the ring and arrange them as in the picture:

        If you are doing a tight piece of jewelry, you will need to lift it, in order to correctly close the opened rings. After that you arrange the piece, simply pat it, or move the rings to their original position if necessary.

Next we pass an opened ring under the second boss ring, through the 5 rings (2 from the right + 3 from the left):


Add one closed ring to have 6 in 1 and close the opened ring:

Go to the next boss ring and repeat the step:


After a while…

Sorry for the horrible rings with ugly cuts. At the moment these are the only big rings available for a tight piece of 6 in 1.

When you do a fine jewelry, you need to have rings with nice cuts. Also, when you close the rings, make sure not to have gaps. If you have a fine plier is recommended to pass over the edges of the cut (after closing the ring), in a rotating motion, on each side. If the beaks of the rings are not well closed and “brushed” by the fine plier, they will scratch the skin.

If you don’t have a fine plier, don’t try this, because you risk to damage the ring.

So take your time and close well every ring. This will confer your jewelry beauty and strength.

3. Conclusion

Here is a silver piece with small rings (0.67 mm wire and ID is 3.37 mm) and bigger width: