Full Persian 6 in 1 Tutorial

1. Required Tools and Materials

For this tutorial you will need:

  • rings with an aspect ratio (AR = inside diameter – ID divided by the wire diameter – WD) of ~ 5.5 and up
  • two pairs of pliers without teeth

I used rings with a wire diameter of 0.90 mm and an inner diameter of 5.10 mm.

2. Step by Step Process

Put 4 closed rings into one opened ring:


Close the ring and add another ring near him, going through the 4 rings:

Arrange them into a 2-2-2 chain:

Spread the rightmost 2 rings apart, as in the picture:

Pass an opened ring through the rings you’ve just unfold, going above the middle links and through through the leftmost ones. And close it :


Flip the piece over, on the other side, and add another ring, going the same as before:

Now spread the rightmost rings and slide another one in between them, through the “V” ones:

Add another ring near the last one, repeating the step:

Pass a ring through the last ones and through the “V” links:

Flip over the piece, on the other side, and repeat the step:

Again you spread the rightmost rings and slide 2 more rings in between them:

 And the steps that follows, on each side:


Consider the spreading and adding step, followed by the rings on each side, as a cycle. And continue to repeat it:

3. Conclusion

Here is a fine silver full persian bracelet:


For the full model in the store, check out my Full Persian on Etsy.