10 Great Jewelry Findings no. 2

An entire month has passed since the first “10 Great Jewelry Findings” Newsletter – so let’s get right into the second – February edition.


Gold headdress frontal (1st – 7th century), Colombia, Yotoco; The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cameo with a helmeted warrior carrying a snake on his shield (17th – 18th); Sotheby’s

Silver amphora (4th century B.C.), Chertomlyk burial mound, Ukraine; The Hermitage Museum

Diamond Lioness Ring by David Webb

Reliquary of Mary Magdalene (14th – 15th century), Tuscany, Italy; The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Greek gold, glass, and stone necklace (circa 2nd-  1st century B.C.); Christie’s

One from a pair of royal gold earrings (ca. 1st century B.C.); India; The Metropolitan Museum of Art

St. Nicholas. Pectoral icon (cameo –11–12th centuries, mounting – early 15th century); Vladimir Suzdal Museum

Smallsword of Col. Marinus Willett (1740–1830); France, Paris; The Metropolitan Museum of Art

French Tiffany & Co. Platinum Diamond Brooch; Lang Antiques

And that brings us to the end of this months newsletter – some absolutely superb items this month.

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Until next time.