Inverted Round Tutorial

In this article we will look at the inverted round chainmaille bracelet.

1. Required Tools and Materials

For this tutorial you will need:

  • rings with an aspect ratio (AR = inner diameter – ID divided by the wire diameter – WD) of at least 4.2
  • two pairs of chain nose pliers

I used rings with WR= 0.95 and ID= 4 mm. This model is prone to being unstable, so you better make a tight, but still mobile piece. Also you can try to pass a strand of leather to the core of the weave so that it will maintain its tubular shape.


2. Step by Step Process

Put 4 closed rings into one opened ring. Close the link and arrange them into 2-1-2 chain:


Pass an opened link through the 2 rightmost ring. Add 2 more rings in it and arrange the piece into 2-1-2-1-2 chain:


Now move the 2 rings ends of the piece upwards until they touches (see the picture). Link them with a ring and maintain the triangle shape:



Observe the 2 rings corners of the triangle. Now we will separate them, the top ones goes above and the others below. Yeah I know, easier said than done. Try to raise and catch the top ones using your fingers. Lift the piece and arrange it like in the picture. The result should resemble a triangle :

Pass an open ring through one of the corners formed by 2 rings:

Close the ring and repeat the step with the next corner:

And with the third:

Now flip upwards the last 3 rings you put, forming a triangle:

Again pass rings through its corners:

Continue, repeating the 2 steps: the flip upwards step and the adding 3 rings step. After a while:


3. Conclusion

Here is a fine silver inverted round bracelet (WD= 0.70 mm with ID= 3 mm):