Jens Pind Chainmaille Tutorial

The goal of this tutorial is to explain how to make the jens pind weave.

1. Required Tools and Materials

For this tutorial you will need:

  • rings with an aspect ratio (AR = inner diameter – ID divided by the wire diameter – WD) of ~ 3
  • two pairs of pliers without teeth

I used rings with a wire diameter of 1,17 mm and an inner diameter of 3,5 mm.

2. Step by Step Process

Put a closed ring into an opened one and close the ring:








Pass an opened ring through the previous ones and close it:







Choose 2 closed rings and pass an opened one through them. Close it :








You will continue to weave passing an opened ring through the last 2 closed rings, but also taking into consideration the third one (from right to left). Bring the third one (we will name it the compass ring)  into an almost horizontal position and you will observe that a pass for your next ring is forming:


 So choosing the easier path I will pass an opened ring through the last 2 rings, under the compass one:

Close the ring and bring the compass one to an almost horizontal position. Depending of the face of the weave you may pass rings under or above it:

In the picture showed is easier for me to pass a ring above the compass one through the last 2:

Observe that the compass rings are starting to form stairs. From one face they go upward (ring above ring) and from another downward (ring under ring). I’ve put the both cases in two images below:








For you to speed weaving you will use the both cases. But remember to respect the pattern. If the stairs are going upwards, you will pass a ring above the compass one. If you find the downward stairs before the other, then you will pass a ring below the compass one. After a while:

3. Mistake or Not?

If you do a mistake, as shown in the picture below, going above when you should have gone under, this will look bad in the model:

But if you plan not to respect the pattern and continually mistake right from the beginning, you will end up having a new model:

I’ve put 4 picture for a comparison between jens pind model and the new one:












3. Conclusion

Here is a fine silver Jens Pind bracelet: