Chainmaille and Wire Wrapped Jewelry Findings no. 2

Time for my second “Chainmaille and Wire Jewelry” monthly newsletter – and this month comes with some great finds.

Butterfly Bangle! – nice tutorial, showing us how to make wire butterflies for bracelet and earrings.

Triangular Chain Bracelet – fine step by step chainmaille tutorial 🙂

Carnival pendants by Gailavira

Carnival Pendant – detailed wire jewelry tutorial, many thanks for the author for sharing this with us.

Viking Knit Bracelet Tutorial – amazing! I’ll give it a try.  


And the artist of the month is….IMNIUM 🙂

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If you missed last months newsletter, check it out here.

Chainmaille and Wire Wrapped Jewelry Findings

This is the first of a monthly Newsletter Series on Chainmaille and Wired jewelry. It contains 4 interesting wire jewelry tutorials and an inspirational chainmaille piece of art.

DIY Jasmine Celtic Pattern Bracelet – a nice photo wire jewelry tutorial having as result a beautiful wire wrapped bracelet with beads. I will try it for sure!

Birch Leaf Earrings  – want to learn how to make wire wrapped leaf earrings? Fine tutorial, easy to follow and good looking 🙂

Spiral wrapped Beaded Stone Ring – teaching you how to make a nice wire wrapped ring with beads. Give it a try!

Wire Scorpion Tutorial – now lets make a wire wrapped scorpion too! Fine tutorial, many thanks for the author for sharing this with us 🙂

And now for the chainmail piece of art…

 The “Chainmail Chess Set” by designer David Austin

The Chainmail Chess Pieces

Maybe the first of its kind, this amazing chainmail chess set was the result of a great imagination, experience and a lot of hard work.

If you are interested in chainmail, visit Chainmailbasket for interesting articles and great designs.